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Writing Your Fundraising Story

Have you already read the Introduction to Online Fundraising resource piece? If not, it would be a wise idea to read it first as it sets the pace for this 5-article-series we are running. The series, #UnderstandingOnlineFundraising , seeks to simplify the online fundraising concept while also sharing tips on running successful online fundraising campaigns.

For the second article in the series, we will explore storytelling for fundraising. Why is storytelling important in fundraising? A key reason is that they are both human-centered. With appropriate appeals and enough detail, your fundraising story will do the job of influencing your potential donor to give. So what should you pay attention to as you write your story?

Does your story demonstrate impact & power?

A stories superpower is its capacity to influence, elicit emotions and demonstrate impact. While writing your fundraising story, be sure to:

  1. Understand its power.
  2. Leverage an appropriate emotional appeal.
  3. Explicitly tell what will be the result of someone donating their money to your cause.

Does your story have the 6 components of a good story?

  1. The people/ voice – Who is telling the story? Ensure you own your voice and that you keep it clear/ unequivocal.
  2. The problem/ conflict – What challenge are you trying to solve? 
  3. The so what? – Why is it important to solve this? What will happen if this challenge is not solved? Who will benefit?
  4. The impact – What will your donation do? What positive change will happen to the subject?
  5. Call to action – is the most important and should be very clear. Explicitly tell your potential donors what you want them to do; now that they fully understand your cause.
  6. Truth, authentic & personal – the story needs to be about you genuinely. When it truly is about you, then it most likely will connect with your donor. 

What are the storytelling formats you can use to tell your fundraising story?

With the benefit of story, video and image personalization features on M-Changa, you will be able to tell your fundraiser story using these three formats simply. For images, you could get creative and create graphics with Canva or demonstrate impact by sharing photos of what the funds raised will or are doing.

Other storytelling formats could include storytelling campaigns using hashtags, Podcasts, adverts, and Branded items such as t-shirts & mugs.

Now that you know this are you ready to start drafting your fundraising story? As you think through your story, make sure to keep these story writing tips in mind. Register your online fundraiser by clicking HERE.


M-Changa is an African online and mobile  fundraising platform that was launched in 2012 to make fundraising more convenient, more efficient and more secure than the traditional fundraising. To date, over 46,303 fundraisers have raised millions of dollars from over 901,015 contributors. 



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