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Make Silvervide Great Again!


“Education is the greatest equalizer of the conditions of men” – Horace Mann

Late last week, I had the chance to visit the fountain of hope Benard created  for the children in Kawangware. Silvervide Complex School, started in 2003, offers these children a chance to receive a decent education as it also quenches the demand for quality education in the slum.

At the end of their first academic year the community school hosted a total of 20 students but the number have fast risen. They now host around 170 students per year.

The school’s good performance over the years has made it a favorite among the people of Kawangware. Every academic year, they get to send a number of students to National or County secondary schools. This together with the effort to provide good diet, hygienic conditions and basic needs to the orphans and less fortunate has earned the school an acclaim from the people they have served over the last decade.

This year however, the student population has dropped to about 100 students. This has been caused by the lack of windows in the container classrooms they use. Due to the chilly weather we have been experiencing as a nation, parents have had to transfer their children in fear of them getting infected with diseases related to harsh weather conditions. The students who have remained in the school now have to study under this unfavorably harsh conditions. It is especially hard for the orphaned and economically challenged students who have no option.

“When we are studying and the rain falls the cold enters our classroom. As a class 8 pupil the challenge is harder as the cold is unbearable for us especially when I decide to study for extra hours in the morning and evening,” Francis a class eight student said.

Benard, who has used M-Changa for the last six years, has now opened a fundraiser to help raise funds for the purchase and installation of the window panes. He looks forward to hitting his target, six hundred thousand (60,000 USD), by September 2019 as he has previously done over the years. The amount raised is going to help Silvervide School do the following;

  • Fix the window panes.
  • Maintain a stable feeding program.
  • Purchase books and materials for the new curriculum to be given to the less privileged pupils.
  • Repair the schools drainage systems and pit latrine.


As we finished our talk, Benard said that his only wish is for Kenyan’s to help Silvervide eradicate poverty, arrogance, and illiteracy in the community by improving a student’s life both socially and economically through education.

The Silver Education Fund has currently raised Ksh. 84,237 through the help of 96 supporters. To join these amazing supporters in making Silvervide School great again,send your contributions to PAY BILL: 891300 ACCOUNT NO: 2906.


Let us all come together and make Silvervide Complex School great again! To start your own fundraiser, use this link.


M-Changa is a Kenyan online fundraising platform that was launched in 2012 to make fundraising more convenient, more efficient and more secure than the traditional harambee. To date, over 30,000 fundraisers have raised millions of dollars from over 500,000 contributors.


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