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The Most Successful M-changa Campaigns Of All Time.

by Irene Nandi in Hints and Tips

In Kenya, people give for many reasons; WEDDINGS, FUNERALS, MEDICAL, EDUCATION and COMMUNITY PROJECTS. The popularity of mobile money products and the rising popularity of social media in Kenya were the catalysts for the provision of the online crowdfunding service by M-Changa in 2012.

Here are the 10 highest earning M-Changa campaigns of all time;

1.Eunice Wanjiku Medical Fund: KES 5,679,111

Eunice is a 9 year old girl from Baraniki village in Kikuyu ward. She has been suffering from a condition called scleroderma, a severe autoimmune skin condition since 2013. Thanks to the Kenyan generosity, the funds raised enabled Eunice to have her treatment at Kenyatta Hospital and is now recovering.

2.QUINN ELSA: KES 5,228,884

Baby Elsa is a cancer survivor. Elsa needed a bone marrow transplant and through M-Changa her parents were able to set up a campaign to help her get to India for her treatment. This campaign was very successful, it raised KES 5,228,884.

3. Turkana Drought Relief: KES 4,077,683

The story of drought wasting northern and north-eastern regions has been a long-running one and is not likely to go away soon. In fact, with some of the bleak projections on climate change, it could get worse. The question of what to do to reverse course or limit its damage will become more frenzied. The set up campaign raised over 4 million for construction of boreholes and delivery of water, food and other sustainable support to people in need.

4.Bio Fuel Pumps Fund: KES 2,970,440

Kitui County is a semi-arid region that has recently been suffering the negative effects of climate change. Erratic rainfall with increased temperatures have worsened food availability in this already food insecure region. The campaign, created by Taher, surpassed its goal as it raised KES 2,970,440 in order to “alleviate the problem by offering them bio-diesel water pumps and generators, through which they can economically improve their food security and incomes.”

5.Love For The Child Association: KES 2,484,612

Love for the Child Association (LOCA) is a non-profit making charity organization based in Kenya. The group aims at helping the needy people in the society who are less privileged. e.g orphans,destitute children and children living with disabilities.

6. Kenyan Animals Welfare(KPSCA’S): KES 2,194,805

The Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals(KSPCA’S) is a charitable animal organization in Kenya that deals with domestic animals that are abandoned,homeless, lost or victims of cruelty. The campaign was administrated by the Kenyan Animals Welfare ,which focuses on running shelters for abandoned animals. So far, the KSPCA’S campaign has raised KES 2,194 ,805.

7. MGSN Old Girls Fire Initiative: KES 1,922,972

In early September, 2017, a huge fire gutted Moi Girls School Nairobi’s Kabarnet Hostel – a form one dormitory. The terrible tragedy left nine girls dead and over sixty with burns and other injuries.

The Moi Girls School Nairobi Alumni set up a campaign on M-Changa to contribute towards the aftermath of the fire tragedy. Thanks to the Kenyan’s generosity the money raised, KES 1,922,972, was used to “replace our little sisters belongings which were destroyed in the fire.”

8.Operation For Hope Africa: KES 1,475,406

Operation Hope Africa is a non-profit organization situated in Nairobi, Kenya. It’s main objective is to support children who are both vulnerable and needy. This campaign was set up in a quest to provide basic resources necessary for child development such as education,food and shelter.

9. Funding for Rangers: KES 1,164,854

“Thanks to you, we managed to raise just under 40,000 USD which we used to purchase an anti-poaching vehicle.”- Ranger.

10.Hearts Of Compassion: KES 1,122,080

“We visit kids and support them in children homes,hospitals or slums.We give at least 500 monthly. Join us today in this cause.”

Heart of compassion set up a campaign on M-c



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