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(Above: Mr and Mrs Ambayo)

George Ambayo, born in the year 1952, is a loving husband to gospel songbird Florence Ambayo and father of two sons- Richard Oketch Otiang’a and Barnabas Yuka .

George had lived a happy and healthy life until mid-2018 when doctors diagnosed him with spondylosis, a disc disease of the human spine (lower back) with maximal changes and neural compression at level L5-S1.

The compressed nerve by a prolapsed disc caused George leg weaknesses and problems related to the urine and stool. As a retired accountant he wasn’t able to come up with the funds needed to travel to India for the spine surgery.

George Ambayo.

“By God’s grace when I was stuck in terms of getting the finances a good friend of mine, Joshua Ochieng, introduced me to M-Changa. He told me that M-changa is a very effective organization that could help me raise funds” – George Ambayo.

George set up a campaign on donations based crowdfunding platform M-Changa, managing to raise Ksh. 743,000 in just three weeks thanks to 235 friends, family members and well wishers who supported his campaign.

Thanks to the Kenyan’s generosity, the funds raised enabled him to travel out to India on the 4th of November. He was taken to Delhi Gurgaon hospital on the 8th of November to undergo a 6 hour, successful, spine surgery to remove two discs and replace them with artificial discs.

Miraculously, George was discharged and has been able to walk without a walking stick or wheel chair. To this day, George walks 45 minutes in the morning and 45 minutes in the evening as his physiotherapist instructed.

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“I want to say a big thank you to the 235 people who contributed to my fundraiser. I also want to thank the wonderful team at M-Changa who were so caring and supportive throughout the process” – George Ambayo

An unexpected side effect to his fundraising activity online is a raised social life. “I remember when I got back from India and I decided to send thank you messages to each and every person who had contributed to my M-Changa fundraiser and many people got back yet I didn’t even know them.”

“Fundraising can be a daunting task, especially for hard working members of society like George Ambayo. If anybody out there has a fundraising need, they should take advantage of fundraising platforms such as M-Changa to help them reach more people quickly – it can help them quickly raise funds and prove their credibility” – M-Changa contributor.

To start your own crowdfunding campaign on M-Changa click here .


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