Strategies For Fundraising

One of the things I’ve learnt in my years in fundraising is that Fundraising is an Art. Like any other form of art, fundraising requires consistent practice to perfect it. Although I have not achieved perfection with online fundraising, here are some strategies that certainly do a good job in ensuring the success of a fundraiser;

1. Building anticipation prior to launch

Have you ever followed a launch countdown? If yes, remember how much you anticipated the product, service or app? One way to prepare people to donate is by building anticipation by use of countdowns. With features like countdown story options on Instagram you can invite your supporters to help build anticipation amongst their networks as well.

2. Create a hashtag (#)

Creative hashtags are a good way to not only give attention to your campaign but also create a traceable list of your campaign related posts. When designing hashtags make sure they are both creative and relevant.

3. Run IG/FB donation lives

Once your campaign is up and running, you can run an IG or FB donation live where through out the live people are called to donate. You can make it creative by inviting artists to perform or running something like a #30shillingin30minutes donation call.

4. Introduce a giving day specific to your campaign

Ever heard of Giving Tuesday? If you haven’t, Giving Tuesday is a day that everyone around the world comes together to give towards different causes.

If you are running a food security campaign, for instance, you can give your giving day a tag like #ForegoLunchFriday or #FoodFriday . This is good as it also builds an identity with your networks who are your potential donors.

5. Give as much information on your fundraiser story

Because nobody loves to finish reading something with so many questions in mind, ensure that your fundraiser story is as detailed as possible. As an appeal, make sure to also focus on the solution and on the people who will benefit from the solution!

6. Involve your staff members

For organizations especially, involving your staff is recommended since they understand and own the cause you are running. Some ways to motivate them include gifting a day off to the individual who will get the most donors on board or giving a gift voucher to the individual who comes up with the most effective strategy.

The M-Changa champion feature will make it easier to track individual progress where needed.

7. Reward donors with inexpensive gifts

These could include thank you e-cards, invites to an event you are hosting or an e-certificate for donation above $30.

8.Reach out to previous partners and donors

Because they have worked with you before and know the value and quality of your work, previous partners and donors are a good start as they require considerably lower convincing compared to people who are interacting with you for the first time.

9. Identify and include individuals with influence to speak on or share your campaign

Know that person that has a voice and influence in the space you are fundraising for? Reach out to them and request  them to speak on or share your campaign with your networks. In instances where campaigns are for social good, you will find that individuals may voluntarily share your campaign. This is not the case always however, so make sure to keep an open mind as you make your request.

Are there any strategies that have worked for you and aren’t included on this blog? Let us know in the comments section!

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M-Changa is an African online and mobile  fundraising platform that was launched to make fundraising more convenient, more efficient and more secure than the traditional Harambee. To date, over 52,100 fundraisers have raised millions of dollars from over 1M+ contributors. 

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