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Storytelling For Fundraising

I have seen storytelling’s power in influencing giving and support throughout my time working in the fundraising field. A fundraiser picking up speed simply from its well-written description and ability to appeal.

In a bid to help strengthen your fundraising story, here are four tips I have picked specially put together for you;

Start with a hook

Why start with a hook? A hook ensures that you catch your reader’s attention. It can be an interesting-short story, a thought-provoking question or a relevant statistic. As you brainstorm on the hook to use, make sure to have your intended audience in mind so that you can tailor it to fit their interests.

Incorporate a call to action

It would be useless to tell a beautiful story but not invite your readers to donate. For this, make sure to include a creative and persuasive call to action! An example of a call to action would be; keep a child in school by donating 3,000/- or let’s spice the world together; donate by clicking on this link.

Keep it exciting and relevant!

Have a voice consistent with your fundraising goal

Imagine reading the story of an organization raising funds to facilitate children’s sports activities in slums only to find that the story highlights the negative effects of sports on academic performance? I know, it is absurd. When writing your fundraising story, you need to make sure that your voice is entirely consistent with your fundraising goal.

Have an appeal

What is an appeal? An appeal is a persuasion method used to evoke a response from a target audience. Be it social, humor, emotional or personal a practical appeal is a crucial part of your story.

If possible, also ensure that your appeal either educates, excites or encourages involvement from your audience/ reader.

Are you now ready to start drafting your fundraising story? Make sure to include these tips for better outcomes. Register your mobile fundraiser by dialing *483*57# or an online fundraiser by clicking HERE.Logo

M-Changa is a Kenyan online and mobile  fundraising platform that was launched in 2012 to make fundraising more convenient, more efficient and more secure than the traditional Harambee. To date, over 44,998 fundraisers have raised millions of dollars from over 798,125 contributors. 

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