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Spread Some Hope!

With the rising COVID-19 cases, there is urgent need for you and I to come together and reduce the spread.

One of the groups coming together to help stop the spread is Garden of Hope Foundation (GoH). GoH is a non-profit organization that is passionate about restoring hope to undeserved youth, children, women and girls from urban slums and rural communities.  Their mission during this pandemic is to help reduce the spread and effects of corona virus in Kibra.

Why Kibra? There is fear that Kibra will be hit hard by the corona pandemic. This is because there is limited access to clean water and sanitation facilities in the slum despite these being some of the necessary requirements needed to help curb the spread of COVID-19. Many Kibra residents, who are mainly domestic workers and casual laborers, have also lost their sources of livelihood following the closure of many businesses in the country. This has, therefore, made it hard for families to put food on their tables.

So what is Garden of Hope doing to help reduce the effects of these challenges? Garden of Hope is helping reduce the spread by;

* Constructing hand-washing stations in key areas in the slum, which include public spaces. GoH has currently set up 30 permanent hand-washing stations and is hoping to add more. These hand-washing stations serve up to 5,000 residents in a week and are equipped with clean running water and washing soap.

*Provision of food baskets to families. GoH is providing food baskets to 20 vulnerable families each week. This will be done over the next three months, and the food provided can feed a family of five for two weeks. 

*Rent payment for families unable to pay rent due to job loss. GoH is helping support struggling families by paying their rent fees for the next three months.

*Conducting regular clean-up activities together with local stakeholders. These community clean-ups help support the local businesses by keeping their premises clean and uncontaminated. 

*Offering staff support to their staff as they continue serving the community, with dedication, during these tough times. GoH commits to protect and ensure their staff’s needs are taken care of. 

How can you and I play a part in ensuring the spread of COVID-19 is reduced in Kibra? We can join Garden of Hope’s supporters by donating towards the Garden of Hope’s COVID-19 response account. To donate, via mobile money or card, click on this link . You can also send your contribution through PAY BILL: 891300 ACCOUNT NO: GG45818. 

The most significant contribution of GoH’s efforts however, is that these hand-washing stations are permanent and will keep serving the residents of Kibra for a long long time. Won’t you like to be part of these long term solution? Donate now and do more than just stopping the spread!


To start your own fundraiser, click on this link or dial *483*57# .


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