Simply Do Good!

“Giving back is not just in terms of resources. You can give back with your skills, time, talents and energy”

How have you impacted someone’s life? Scratch that. What’s the simplest act of kindness you’ve used to impact someone’s life? Do you know that a simple hello to your office guard can brighten up their day? Or that saying thank you to the mama mboga, after she helps cut your kale, can lift her mood. Impact can be felt from the simplest of things.

Simply Do Good (SDG), an initiative under Tin Roof Foundation, believes that no matter who you are and where you come from you can impact another person’s life through simple acts of kindness. This simple acts can be something as small as saying thank you to a conductor in the bus and something as big as volunteering time and energy to share a skill with a needy youth.

SDG works with youths from different institutions with a majority being youths from university. This is because many of these youths are talented but don’t have a place to express and share this talents. SDG encourages them to take an active role in carrying out good deeds, showing them how it’s done and inspiring and empowering them to go out into their world and host their own good deeds.

In November 2019, SDG launched a campaign to raise funds for their youth volunteer program. They did this by climbing Mt.Kenya. Yes you thought right! They climbed the tallest mountain in Kenya to ensure these funds were raised. Together with other groups and organisations, they also helped create more awareness on Giving Tuesday 2019.

Through their 72 supporters SDG was able to raise a total of Ksh 578,901. This money will help take their youth volunteer program to 24 more campuses in conjunction with African Youth Leadership Forum. This therefore means that more youths will get a chance to spread impact in their little ways.

Together with the 5 organizations, they raised Ksh 1,071,302 which will go a long way in ensuring that more people benefit from their activities in 2020. The 6 organizations were able to raise funds together thanks to M-Changa’s community option.

To start your own fundraiser, click on this link or dial *483*57# .


M-Changa is a Kenyan online and mobile  fundraising platform that was launched in 2012 to make fundraising more convenient, more efficient and more secure than the traditional harambee. To date, over 30,000 fundraisers have raised millions of dollars from over 500,000 contributors. 

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