The Art Of Fundraising For Religious Institutions

Are you a religious institution looking to raise funds online? Following the Art of Fundraising for Religious organizations webinar, here are tips on how you can leverage online crowdfunding techniques and platforms for resource mobilization.


In every plan you take towards resource mobilization you must start by setting a goal. While determining your goals you can ask yourself these questions; what do I want to achieve from the fundraising campaign, how long do I want the campaign to last or  what do I need to do to achieve success.

From these questions you can come up with goals such as; Raise 10,000/- every week or Raise 50,000/- in the next month for purchasing building materials.

The beauty and importance of goals is that you can always reevaluate and adjust them whenever necessary.


Once you set your key goals you will now need to set objectives that will ensure you meet your goals. At this stage, it may be prudent to include the religious institution’s officials and few members. This is vital in ensuring that the objectives you come up with are inclusive and well thought out.

The objectives should also be clearly understandable to both the members and friends of the institution. An example of  realistic objective could be requesting a donation of 500/- from every member.


Know that saying that highlights that your network is your net worth? It is essential to involve your congregation in your resource mobilization activities as they are the people who will be your most loyal ambassadors.

If you also wish to include other people from your external networks, it is important to have a list of their names and also message templates to be used. These lists and templates will help make reaching out and follow up easier. To further ease your work, you can further categories this list in categories such as local & international, level of influence and their previous interactions with the church/ mosque.


Now that you have comprehensively planned out your goals and objectives it is time to now set up a campaign. If you are in Kenya, M-Changa is a good option to start with. With such an online fundraising platform you will be able to easily receive donations through the available mobile money and electronic money options, get simple and fast updates, personalize your fundraiser with photos, video & stories and enjoy transparency & accountability.

Other available international fundraising options are GlobalGiving, GoFundMe or Ketto.


Now that your online fundraiser is set up and you have personalized it to best describe your fundraising goals, you are now ready to share.

A nice place to start sharing is in your member WhatsApp groups or Facebook pages. As mentioned earlier, your congregation/ members will be your ambassadors as they also own your vision and will therefore put in work to ensure your fundraiser succeeds. Other places to share are social media, to your email database contacts or with other church/ mosque branches.


How would you feel if someone sent you a thank you message that includes images or a description of how your contribution helped? I’m sure you would feel amazing and even feel the need to donate more. This is how your donors should feel!

Using features such as free SMS updates and the personalization features on M-Changa, you can easily update your existing and potential updates on the progress their donations have made.

Now that you have your fundraising tips, you are ready to start your fundraising journey. Register your mobile fundraiser by dialing *483*57# or an online fundraiser by clicking HERE.


M-Changa is a Kenyan online and mobile  fundraising platform that was launched in 2012 to make fundraising more convenient, more efficient and more secure than the traditional Harambee. To date, over 44,998 fundraisers have raised millions of dollars from over 798,125 contributors. 

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