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Navigating Your Fundraiser Portal

Now that we know what to plan for, how to write a compelling fundraising story and how to register an M-Changa online fundraiser shall we talk about navigating the  fundraiser portal? What is a fundraiser portal you may ask? It is a dashboard within which you are able to personalize your fundraiser, upload and submit verification requirements, make withdrawals and view reports from.

Your portal is your fundraiser’s engine and in this blog we shall explore the different components of this engine and how to navigate each.


Like the name suggests this section gives a summary of your fundraiser. It highlights the numbers of supporters, amount raised, the target amount and the number of days left. It also gives a breakdown of your recent transactions and your fundraiser task progress.


This section has all your fundraiser Donation, Withdrawal and Expense reports. In this section also, you can donate these three options in either PDF or Excel. Video guide


Whether it is donation alerts, withdrawal alerts or treasurer and main fundraiser approvals you will find all of them in this section of your dashboard.


As the name suggests this is the section where you will make all your withdrawals. M-Changa provides you with the option of making a Partial or Full withdrawal. Also remember that to make your withdrawal your fundraiser must be verified! Video guide

My Documents

Remember the supporting documents we mentioned on the previous blogs? This is where you will upload them and one thing to note is as you save the files for upload, kindly make sure they are in PDF format. Video guide


For purposes of accountability, fundraisers on M-Changa must add treasurers to their fundraisers. These treasurers need to be individuals who are aware of the fundraisers intended purpose as they will be approving all withdrawals as well as receiving weekly updates- on request.

Treasurer addition is done in this section of the portal and should be in the format 2547******** for Kenya, 2567******** for Uganda and 2337******** for Ghana. Ensure that there are no spaces nor the + plus. Video guide


How satisfied are you with your experience? Would you recommend M-Changa to someone else? Have you experienced any challenges using M-Changa? You can give us this and more feedback on your experience with M-Changa in this section.

Fundraiser Info

In this section of the portal you can change the following fundraiser information: Fundraiser name, Target amount, Withdrawal method, Fundraiser end date, Display currency and the Appeal message. You can also enable or disable commenting and leader board ranking. Video guide

My Story

One of the most important things for your online fundraiser is the fundraiser story. In this section, you will be able to write and edit your story as often as you can. Video guide


Other than the story, images are another good way to tell your fundraising story or to demonstrate progress. Go to this section to add your images and before adding your image ensure that it is in the dimensions 650 by 400. Video guide

My Video

In addition to stories and images you can also tell your story by use of a video on M-Changa. Videos added must be uploaded on YouTube so at to enable generation of the embed link. Here is a step by step guide on adding videos to your fundraiser.


Who is a patron? A patron is an individual whose role is to advocate for your fundraiser and ensure that it meets its target. You can add up to 5 patrons to your fundraiser on this section. Video guide


When we say sharing is simple with M-Changa we really mean it. In this section you will be able to easily access your fundraiser share link and share it directly to Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. You will also be able to send invites, share statements, honor treasurers and honor largest donors with a single click in this section. Video guide

Update Donors

Last but not least is the Update Donors option that allows you to send messages to all your donors right from your fundraiser portal. Every M-Changa fundraiser get free 250 SMS and a rate of KES 2 pers SMS for an account with less than 1,000 donors, KES 1 for an account with 1,001 to 2,500 donors and 70 Cents for an account with 2,500 plus donors. Video guide

Are you now ready to share, download a report, verify or personalize your fundraiser? If yes, I hope that you are now well aware of where to check in. You can also find video guides for navigation at  https://www.changa.co.ke/resources/ .

To register your online fundraiser on M-Changa click on this link.


M-Changa is an African online and mobile  fundraising platform that was launched to make fundraising more convenient, more efficient and more secure than the traditional Harambee. To date, over 49,387 fundraisers have raised millions of dollars from over 1M+ contributors. 


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