M-changa Registration, Set-up And Withdrawal

Online Fundraising;

Is the ideal solution for individuals, organisations & businesses seeking to create awareness and collect local & international donations for their fundraiser.

3 Simple Steps

Step 1. Register

  • Fill in the online registration form
  • Make a test mobile payment towards your fundraiser (minimum KES 10)
  • Click the activation link sent to your email
  • Receive your login credentials via SMS

Step 2. Share

  • Customise your Sharepage with your story, pictures, videos and targets
  • Share your Sharepage using the link or sharing mobile payment instructions directly

Step 3. Collect

  • Mobile payments: Accept payments directly via M-Pesa PayBill, Airtel Money and Equitel
  • Online payments: Accept payments Online via Visa, MasterCard, PayPal & SimbaPay
  • All contributions are stored securely and transparently by M-Changa

Using the Web Portal

  1. View My Fundraiser Page – Find the link to your fundraiser page at the top of your fundraiser page.
  2. Summary – Track and download your Payments, Expenses & Withdrawals.
  3. My Fundraiser Details – Set your Fundraiser Name, Target, Expiry Date & Appeal Message.
  4. Share My Story – Write an engaging story that will show up on your public Sharepage.
  5. Share My Video – Embed a video from Youtube or Vimeo – Click on the share tab and then the Embed tab. You will see the HTML code for embedding the video. Copy it and paste the code.
  6. Manage Pictures – Upload images from your computer that will show on your public Sharepage.
  7. Engage My Supporters – Get new supporters & contact existing supporters via SMS, Email, Phone & Social Media.
  8. Manage Treasurers – Add up to 3 treasurers to make your fundraiser more secure.
  9. Withdraw – Choose whether to withdraw funds and either continue or end your fundraiser, M-Changa service fee is 4.25% of the amount you are withdrawing. In addition, normal Safaricom, Airtel, Equitel charges apply.

Alternative – Mobile Fundraising

(best for those without internet access)

A Mobile fundraiser is perfect for individuals without regular internet access. This type of fundraiser is best suited to Harambe type fundraising e.g. medical fees, school fees, weddings & funerals.

Step 1. Register

To create your fundraiser account and begin raising money for your cause:

  • Save *483*57#
  • Dial *483*57#

Step 2. Share

To share your fundraiser to your supporters via Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or SMS:

  • Dial *483*57#
  • Select Share My Fundraiser

Manage your fundraiser

To add treasurer’s, check fundraiser status, view statement, access your fundraiser page, withdraw or end fundraiser simply:

  • Dial *483*57#
  • Select Manage My Fundraiser

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