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It’s Like Drowning. Except, Everyone Around You Is Breathing.

by Irene Akenga in Fundraiser stories

Depression. It is the feeling of how absolutely alone and terrifying it is to be imprisoned inside an inescapable bog. A bog where you feel utterly helpless, leaden, dull, unable to move.

Radio Personality, Sam Nkirote McKenzie, opens up about her depression. One that left her elbow deep in debt.

Samantha Nkirote McKenzie

” I am mixed race and my pronounced British accent makes most people look at me and scrunch up their faces and pretty much say: You can’t be poor! Tell me another…”

“The last few years have been particularly bad. For months I wasn’t able to function. I mean I could not brush my teeth, make a cup of tea or even take a shower. On the really bad days I wasn’t even able to read.”

“I have always been what people describe as a ‘rock star’ at work. In the last four years however, I have constantly been fired. Not just fired from any kind of jobs but from jobs in companies run by, probably, the most powerful women in the African tech scene. In short, the impressive flow in my CV was ruined”- SAM NKIROTE.

Source: Mpasho

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