Here Is Where Charity Starts.

You wake up one morning filled with joy and sorrow. Joyful because the restrictions put in place have brought a new sense of safety to you, your family and countrymen. Sorrowful because the restrictions made will throw big-painful blows on your business; your only source of income. Sound familiar? This has been the story of many people around the globe: a shaken economy and affected livelihoods.

The big question however is, what are we doing about it? In Uganda, FINCA, a micro-deposits company working to alleviate poverty by providing lasting solutions to their customers, started a community fundraiser to help their most affected members. In harmony with FINCA’s mission of helping people build assets, create jobs and raise their standard of living, the beneficiary members are individuals creating change in their communities.

The community fundraiser has helped bring together, not just Ugandans, but people from around the globe to assist others. Through donations made, the seven individuals will be able to get their businesses off their knees. Students will get back the place they call school. Families will have food on their plates, and employees will finally get back to work and earn an income. Donate now because when people help people; change happens.

Meet the main fundraisers

Joyce Kyompaire – Joyce ensures that the people in her community, who can’t access electricity and solar, have light in their home by making and selling candles to them. Together with four of her employees, they have helped students in these households revise and study at night. Donate now to help ensure Joyce continues her candle productions for when schools re-open. 

Grace Asiimwe – Realizing a gap in education, Grace decided to start a community school that offers personalized attention to students in her community. Together with other teachers, they have done more than provide education to their students by also providing solutions to the children in their community with learning disabilities. Donate now to ensure the school continues providing their students with learning materials and also pay the teachers to help the specially-abled children.

Ronald Luwesi – Having started out as a hawker, Ronald made a decision to diligently save and invest more into his business. From this commitment he was able to open four stalls in one of Kampala’s most significant markets where he has now employed five youths. With the closure of markets due to lockdown directive, Ronald is no longer able to sell at any of his stalls. Donate now to help Ronald pay and support his employees.

Nasser Kabogozza – Nasser’s journey in the clothing business has been one of consistency and hard work transitioning from being a hawker to selling bales and sewing clothes; his current endeavor. Lockdown restrictions have however crippled his sewing work as the complex where his shop is located at is currently closed. Donate now to enable Ronald source for material, keep paying rent and offer support his employees. 

Beatrice Mutumba – After being a victim of unemployment, Beatrice started seeking opportunities to build herself. In pursuit of options, she met a street boy who taught her how to make liquid soap. From this knowledge, Beatrice together with her partner Andrew grew and are now into cosmetic production. In the wake of Covid, the two are unable to access quality raw materials and therefore cannot produce products. Donate now and help Beatrice afford the right materials for the production of their cosmetic products. 

Mariam Nakiggude – Tired of the low-quality furniture and household goods sold in her area, Mariam started a business supplying high-quality products in 2008. With the appreciation of her quality goods, Miriam’s business had been thriving up until March 2020 when Covid hit hard. Since then, Miriam hasn’t been able to restock or sell new products causing her to struggle meeting her personal and business needs. Donate now and help Miriam get back to stability.

Best bakes – John achieved his long-existing dream of starting Best Bakes in 2014. In the last six years, the bakery has provided affordable and quality snacks to their customers and also employed eights youths from his community. With the closure of schools and a decrease in people’s disposable income, Best bakes is suffering from reduced sales, expiring products and consistent operational costs. Donate now and help Best Bakes supplement its income and move to its premises to avoid paying rent.

To start your own fundraiser, click on this link or dial *483*57# .


M-Changa is a Kenyan online and mobile  fundraising platform that was launched in 2012 to make fundraising more convenient, more efficient and more secure than the traditional Harambee. To date, over 41,933 fundraisers have raised millions of dollars from over 730,656 contributors. 

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