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Have You Considered Online Fundraising?

With Covid-19 changing the language of how we do things worldwide, how are you changing your language to fit current needs?

Statistics show that East African countries account for 38% of funds raised online. With the resulting reduction in external funding and restrictions on physical resource mobilization activities, these stats indicate the steady adoption of online fundraising by individuals, organizations and businesses. With the existence of platforms, systems and favorable regulations to adopt crowdfunding as a whole, it is time to jump on this new resource mobilization tool!

What is online fundraising?

Online fundraising is the raising of funds by many individuals online. It ranges from donations to rewards and investments. Online fundraising relies on the power of the people/crowd and the ability to influence.

Who can raise funds online?

Anyone can! A significant advantage of online fundraising is its convenience and simplicity. From the comfort of your device, you can register a fundraiser online, manage it, personalize it with stories, share and withdraw once you have reached your fundraising goals.

Further, the wide use of social media platforms now also gives us an avenue to share our fundraisers with thousands of people across the globe in a single click.

What do I need to start raising funds online?

A plan: Planning is a crucial part of fundraising that makes or breaks your fundraising efforts. During the planning stage, some of the things to do include; identifying a target audience, creating message and content templates, assigning roles for some fundraising tasks, setting the pace with hashtags and social media campaigns, among others.

A story: Stories have a way of letting us have a view of other people’s worlds. For this, your fundraising story is an excellent asset in telling your fundraising story. It is what will move individuals miles away from you to donate. Be sure to have a relevant appeal for better impact. 

A platform: Once you have a plan and a story, you are ready to jump into the online fundraising world. M-Changa is Africa’s leading online fundraising platform that provides a secure, convenient and transparent way to raise funds online. Features such as stories, images, videos, downloadable statements and the provision of mobile money and electronic money donation options make it an ideal choice for you.

Are you now ready to plan for your online fundraising journey? If yes, look at more of the resources we have available on fundraising hints and tips HERE. Also, catch up on our introductory session with Ugandan businesses and organizations HERE.

Register an online fundraiser on M-Changa by clicking HERE.


M-Changa is an online and mobile  fundraising platform that was launched in 2012 to make fundraising more convenient, more efficient and more secure than the traditional Harambee. To date, over 46,303 fundraisers have raised millions of dollars from over 901,015 contributors. 

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