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By Irene Nandi in Hints and Tips


“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.”- Thomas Edison .

In late 2012 , Dave Mark and Kyai Mullei were discussing on how the mobile money service M-pesa could be used in many other ways and this led them to the idea of M-Changa – an online fundraising platform built for the Kenyan market.

In Kenya , people give for many reasons; WEDDINGS, FUNERALS, MEDICAL EMERGENCIES, EDUCATION, CRISIS AND COMMUNITY PROJECTS. The popularity of mobile money products and rising popularity of social media in Kenya created an ideal environment for Dave Mark and Kyai Mullei to co-found M-Changa.

M-Changa is one of many new fin-tech start-ups in Kenya’s entrepreneurial revolution and is in fact the largest crowdfunding site in Sub-Saharan Africa. It has six employees and its users are relatively small and largely urban clientele. Some of M-Changa’s users are humanitarian organizations, religious institutions, schools, students, patients and charity groups.

M-Changa offers several major forms of value for customers. Their fundraising ledger makes managing and counting contributions from multiple channels much easier. M-Changa accepts mobile money , bank drafts and pay pal.

” Success is not final , failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts ” -Winston .S. Churchill.

In their first years, their customers fund-raised about 3 million dollars with only about 3,000 fundraisers . Over the years M-Changa has massively grown from an idea to a secure and transparent fundraising platform in Kenya. In 2019, M-Changa has over 30,000 fundraisers, 500,000 plus contributors and comes highly recommended by 97% of the fundraisers.

The fundraising platform works well for its appreciative urban clientele. The projects they raise funds for include medical emergencies, funerals, weddings, entrepreneurial projects, charitable concerns, community infrastructure and church fundraisers. Most of their clients access their internet website on a desktop computer. However, M-Changa can also communicate with clients using SMS and mobile phones.

To take a look at our website and start a fundraiser click here.

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