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Water Pumps For Food Security


Climate change has been a constant discussion in Kenya over the last few years owing to the negative effects faced nationally. Kitui County is one of the semi-arid areas that have experienced the negative  effects of the climatic change. Erratic rainfall coupled with increased temperatures in the region have worsened food availability in the already food insecure region. Because majority of the people in Kitui are engaged in subsistence agriculture, many have been left in a perpetual cycle of poverty, hunger and a lack of adequate water for sanitation needs.

In an effort to help curb food shortage in the region, Kitui Industries put up a campaign to purchase bio-diesel water pumps and generators for farmers in the region. The bio-diesel water pumps and generators would help farmers economically and sustainably improve their food security as they also earn an income. This would be achieved through the use of bio-diesel to run the pumps and generators at a much lower cost than conventional diesel. It would also reduce their cost of inputs considerably while also providing environmental benefits.

The Water pumps would be used to setup mini irrigation networks that would draw water from sources such rivers, streams and community dams and use it to irrigate individual farms. The Generators would be used to power small scale businesses such as hair salons, welding workshops or refrigerators in the off-grid areas to create alternative incomes for the local population. The bio-diesel used would also earn the farmers in Kitui an income as it is produced from locally grown cotton. The cotton harvested is processed at a local factory to produce cotton seeds which are further processed into oil and further into bio-diesel.

The beauty of this model of change is that it provides an effective cycle that creates a ready market for the cotton farmers while also allowing them to benefit from a cheaper, cleaner renewable form of energy that can sustainably drive growth. It also has an overall positive multiplier effect.

The Bio-Fuel Pumps Fund campaign had a target of Ksh 3,000,00 ($30,000). These funds would be used to distribute, setup and install 105 units bio-diesel water pumps and generators in the off-grid areas of Kitui County. The pumps would then be sold to farmers groups of minimum 10 people, thereby benefiting close to 1,000 people. Cotton farmers would also benefit from the sale of the bio-fuel used to run the pumps and generators.

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