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Bio-diesel Water Pumps For Food Security

Climate change has caused negative effects in Kenya over the last few years.
The erratic rainfall coupled with increased temperatures have worsened food availability in Kitui- an already food insecure region. To help curb this food shortage, Kitui Industries put up a campaign to purchase bio-diesel water pumps and generators for farmers in the region. The bio-diesel water pumps and generators will help farmers economically and sustainably improve their food security as they also earn an income.

Bio-diesel water pumps

The bio-diesel used runs the water pumps at a much lower cost compared to conventional diesel therefore reducing the cost of inputs considerably while also providing environmental benefits. It also earns the farmers income as the bio-diesel is produced from locally grown cotton.

The Bio-Fuel Pumps Fund campaign aimed to raise Ksh 3,000,00 ($30,000). Through the help of 15 supporters, the campaign had a 99% success having raised KSH 2,941,000 ($29,410).

To start your own fundraising campaign on M-Changa, kindly use this link.

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